General Questions

Can I have more than one active DIY fundraiser at the same time?

Does my fundraiser need to have an end date?

Can I extend my YCFSJ fundraiser deadline?

Is there a minimum amount I need to fundraise?

I've fundraised for St. Jude in the past and received support materials (banners, balloons, t shirts). How can I receive those materials this year?

I have questions about making edits to my fundraising page. Who do I contact?

I would like someone from St. Jude to attend my fundraising event/Zoom meeting. How do I make the request?

I usually submit my reward order with my coordinator support specialist. The prizes I receive are based on the amount I raised the previous year. Why am I not able to continue submitting my order with coordinator support?

Will St. Jude provide a tax receipt to individuals who give at my event?

Can I use the logo for flyers and banners I want to create myself?

I participated in one of the Facebook challenges. Can you help me with my fundraising page?

What is the Fundraise for St. Jude program?

Why start a St. Jude fundraiser?

What support does St. Jude provide?

Participant Questions

Are donations to my fundraiser tax-deductible?

Is my information secure?

Can I collect cash or check donations for my fundraiser?

Can St. Jude help with my fundraiser expenses?

How do I add a photo to my fundraising page?

How do I edit my event details?

How do I update the content on my fundraising page?

I just finished personalizing my fundraising page. What now?

How do I personalize my URL?