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Reliance Standard

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company and Matrix Absence Management are sister companies, leaders within our respective markets and partners in delivering high-value benefits programs and services to employers, their employees and families. Reliance Standard has been a leading carrier for more than a century and, together with Matrix, we've helped define the absence management industry over the past 20 years.
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When you get right down to it, everything we do comes down to helping people:

  • Helping families prevent, prepare for and cope with financial risk and hardship
  • Helping individuals get the time, resources and benefits they need to heal when they or a loved one is sick or injured.
  • Helping employers attract and keep the best people for an engaged, happy, productive workplace family

We are members of The Tokio Marine Group, and we believe in Good Company: Delivering on Our Commitments; Empowering Our People; and Looking Beyond Profit to help improve the quality of life among our colleagues, customers, families and neighbors.

This is our first year supporting St. Jude by fundraising for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer. And we can't wait!


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