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Title Test: St. Jude Walk/Run - Las Vegas, NV

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St. Jude Walk/Run - Las Vegas, NV

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Why We Support St. Jude

St. Jude Walk/Run - Las Vegas, NV


Why I Support St. Jude


When my son Connor was diagnosed with a cervicomedullary brainstem glioma, we were told to go home and love him because he has less than a year to live. I couldn't take no for an answer. I reach out to St.jude and within 5 days we were on a plane to St.jude. all expenses paid. The doctors there gave Connor better odds and 3 years later he is here and thriving.


I could never thank St.Jude enough but I can attempt to show my appreciation by giving back to them. St.Jude runs on donations. They provide transportation, housing, food and financial assistance but most of all the provide research to fight these horrible cancers that are taking our children from us. Please join me in this fight. you can sign up to walk in September and/or provide donations.


Thank you for supporting me and the lifesaving work happening at St. Jude today. Let's cure childhood cancer. Together.



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