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Title Test: St. Jude Walk/Run - Chicago, IL

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St. Jude Walk/Run - Chicago, IL

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Why We Support St. Jude

St. Jude Walk/Run - Chicago, IL


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is a wonderful organization that I have been uniquely positioned to serve. What started out as a group of amigas (girl friends) hosting workout groups throughout Chicago to rally in support of St. Jude turned into a life long commitment to give. This year marks my fourth year participating in giving back and making a difference in the lives of children. I am also looking forward to serving as a panelist speaker for St. Jude Leadership Society with young professionals later this spring. Over the past few years my team has been able to contribute over $25,000; this year isn't any different. Our team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding our contribution goal and running at the St. Jude Walk/Run 5K event that will take place in September. While race day is in September my team will continue accepting donations until December 1, 2024. 

I support St. Jude because it is our civic and moral responsibility to help others. I certainly can attest to the wonderful individuals in my life that have played an instrumental role in my success today. Giving back to St. Jude means we can reach endless possibilities and bring more visibility to my Hispanic/Latino comunidad about the cutting-edge medical care, research, and treatment. 

Your support means everything to the organization, the children we save and the countless families we support. My ask is for a one-time $25 donation, if your able to make a bigger IMPACT we appreciate it. If anyone has ever helped you in life this is your opportunity to GIVE back and pay it forward. Thank you so much XOXO!

In appreciation, 

Sally Delgado, M.Ed.




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