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Title Test: St. Jude Walk/Run - Indianapolis, IN

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St. Jude Walk/Run - Indianapolis, IN

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Why we support St. Jude

St. Jude Walk/Run - Indianapolis, IN



I want to help families going through tough times. I want to raise awareness and funds for St. Jude's because I know first hand how much heartbreak comes with the disease. Although there are good outcomes, along with times of smiles and laughs, there are many times of tears and worry. I am passionate about this field because I have dealt with loss in my family due to cancer, and I want to help in any way possible. I want to spread the word about how to help families going through tough times, and make this journey as easy for them as possible. St. Jude's “why” behind all they do for their families and patients is beautiful, and I want to help bring families relief during these hard times. I am happy to be able to use my image as a college athlete to help raise awareness and funds for St. Jude's. Nobody deserves to go through this alone, and I want to positively impact the families going through this tough journey. 


St. Jude is a glimmer of hope for all children battling the horrific disease we know as cancer. They are a hospital that specifically focuses on creating new therapeutics for these children's' needs and provides for these families that are going through difficult times. A child deserves to live their lives without the fear of cancer taking their life. Families deserve to watch their little ones grow up and experience everything life brings them. I support St. Jude because I want the children battling cancer to experience everything I got to experience as a child, as well as have all the opportunities that come with growing up. My uncle Timmy passed away from pediatric brain cancer. To this day, my family still deals with his passing, and I never even got to meet him. He is what truly drives my passion for wanting to find new therapeutics for these children. I don't want families to experience losing a child like my family did. Cancer shouldn't have the ability to steal our loved ones, and that is why I am using my image as a college athlete to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research at St. Jude. 

Making memories. Supporting a mission. That’s why our team has signed up to fundraise for the St. Jude Walk/Run. This September, we’re joining the nationwide movement to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and support those who need us most — the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

You can support by making a donation or joining our team! Can we count on your support?

When St. Jude opened in 1962, childhood cancer was considered incurable. Since then, treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent.

And because St. Jude shares the breakthroughs it makes, every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands more children.

Thank you for supporting us and the lifesaving work happening at St. Jude today. Let’s cure childhood cancer. Together.


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