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Title Test: St. Jude Walk/Run - Virtual

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St. Jude Walk/Run - National

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St. Jude Walk/Run - Virtual


At age 9, Louie began two years of a relentless and regrettable experience with medulloblastoma, brain cancer. Louie persevered through incessant and arduous treatments only to discover after 8 months it had recurred. We knew it would take a year from us, never believed his life, our lives. There were many isolated and desperate moments, but mostly, he kept his spirit and was steadfastly Louie. His passions persisted: Lego, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, coin collecting, reading and school at Columbus Academy. 

Louie was compassionate, articulate, perceptive, pragmatic, sunny, clever, lovable, witty, creative, imaginative, sweet and stoic. Memorable and exceptional, please keep his energy close to your hearts. Go vegetarian for a week (he loved animals), donate your birthday gifts, fund pediatric cancer research for this disease that killed our family, our future. "No one wants to find a cure more than me." LSB. 

The St. Jude event is a way to bring together his friends and family to raise money for St. Jude. Since 2016, the team has raised nearly $160,000.

9/24/2023: Market Square New Albany for the Louie Loop (it will be marked). Start walking between 10 and 10:30. If you'd like to get lunch at Mellow Mushroom (they open at 11:30), they will be donating 15% of all sales between 11:30 and 1:30 to the Universe Louie team for St. Jude. 

Thank you all for your time, energy, love and generosity. 


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