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St. Jude Walk/Run - Austin, TX
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St. Jude Walk/Run - Austin, TX


Michah was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at his 2 month checkup. The following week Michah and his parents were at St. Jude Children’s Hospital for an evaluation and treatment began. Michah and his mom, Holly, stayed in Memphis for six months while his dad, Michael, was back home with brother, Brayden and sister, Paisley. Fast forward four years and Michah is a thriving, witty, four year old and just started pre-k. Michah’s care at St. Jude didn’t stop after chemo ended. He has to return for eye exams, occupational and speech therapy, and hearing tests as these are all part of his protocol. and this does not cost his family anything, including travel, lodging. He will continue to be monitored until he is 18 years old. We are forever grateful to St. Jude because they saved Michah’s life. Walking every September in the St. Jude Walk to End Childhood Cancer is the very least we can do. We are very proud that this is our fifth consecutive year to participate. #teammichah
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