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Fighter JETs

St. Jude Walk/Run - Charlotte, NC
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St. Jude Walk/Run - Charlotte, NC

Fighter JETs

For almost 18 months, Josie has endured the constant therapy required to suppress and eliminate her leukemia. Eighteen months of multiple daily medicines, over 500 doses of oral chemo, weekly and at times bi-weekly access and de-access of her chest port, blood product transfusions, anesthesia, daily, painful neuropathy, etc. And we are almost at the halfway point. But through this, Josie starts each day with a smile. She dances and makes up songs. She laughs until she hiccups and makes everyone around her laugh with her spot-on humor and silly faces. She is a gift. The gift of Josie is one that we are eternally grateful to St. Jude for giving our family. Without access to the cutting edge treatments and protocols which our family never has to pay for, this journey would be much more burdensome. Instead of focusing on mounting debt, we get to focus on finding moments of joy with our family. I will never be able to convey our enormous gratitude to St. Jude and all of our friends and family that have supported us during our darkest time. But every time Josie smiles or laughs despite the cancer she has been dealt, it captures our entire feeling of gratitude for all of you. Thank you for giving!
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