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CHEERSPORT Friday Night Live

Elite Cheer - Stars

This years Friday Night Live for us was to be a story of triumph and victory for one of our own.  Let me step back and tell you the bigger part of this story.  Elite was started back in 1993 and incorporated in 1995.  Since then we have trained thousands of athletes.  Our program is based on family values and relationships that transpire past just teaching cheerleading.  Many of our families (more so in the very beginning when we were not so big - and played the role of every aspect in the gym) became friends and much more than just clients.  We'd have get togethers, holiday parties, and truly embodied the family aspect of building our program.  Over these years - we started to see the athletes we taught in the 90's - bring their kids in.  We created a designation for these kids with discounts for their loyalty.  We call them 'Legacies'.  We have several dozen in the program now and this story involves one of them.  Sydney - a mom of 6 - was in our program for many years from the time she was 10 or 12.  She is now 30 and as I said - has 6 kids.  Two are now legacy kids in our program (Moorea 9 and Avianna 7)  Her other kids are all too young but no less a part of our Elite family.  We are good friends with her mom and dad (Rick and Sue) and have cultivated a warm and lastly relationship over the past 20 years.  In May of this year - Syd's two year old daughter (Arya) was diagnosed with leukemia.  With a very heavy heart - she lost her baby just a few weeks ago.  As we all grieve with this incredible family it puts all of this into a different perspective for us.

There is so much more to the story of this incredible family and Syd's background that is left untold.  I wanted to share a small portion of this with you - because this year, Friday Night Live will mean something very different for our program.

I look forward to participating in FNL so we can work to make a difference for others in similar circumstances and also bring a sense of hope for all those that are left wondering - what they can do or how they can help.

I appreciate any help that others can bring.  Thank you for donating!

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