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calendarJuly 20, 2024
501 St. Jude PlaceMemphis, TN 38125


Team Galletti

St. Jude Bartonville to Peoria Run

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St. Jude Bartonville to Peoria Run

Team Galletti

Dear Family and Friends,

Cancer and other illnesses like sickle-cell anemia and pediatric AIDS continue to affect children. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital uses the funds raised through support of generous people, volunteers, and charitable organizations to help find cures for these illnesses. All children are treated regardless of their ability to pay. St. Jude also shares their research findings with other hospitals and doctors around the world in order to save as many children as possible. 

St. Jude is very close to my heart. As many of you know, my sister was a St. Jude patient. In April of 1999, when she was a junior in high school, she was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s Disease.  This is a cancer of the lymph nodes. I can’t say enough about St. Jude as a hospital and an organization. The doctors and staff are wonderful. I truly believe that Holly is here today because of the work that has been done at St. Jude Research Hospital. This year marks 25 years that she has been cancer free! That being said, she is dealing with some long- term effects of the chemo and radiation that she had to endure to beat Hodgkin’s Disease. The long- term effects of her treatments have caused polyp overgrowth in her colon. She will be having colon removal surgery at the end of this month to avoid cancer forming in this area. The advancements that St. Jude has made over time since Holly had her treatments, have made it possible for more children to live without the occurrence of long- term side effects.  


St. Jude is a wonderful organization that has made great strides in fighting childhood cancer. But, until there is a 100% cure rate, the fight to find a cure continues. With your help, more of the St. Jude kids will win their personal battles. Thank you so much for your continued support!


Amy, Tony, Gracie, and Riley 

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