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On the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro
My Donors

Samantha Cohen



Dear Friends:


Last week I successfully reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.  That said, I wish to thank everyone who donated to my efforts on behalf of St. Jude.  My family and I were truly overwhelmed by your incredible generosity and support, as we never expected that I would surpass my fundraising goal so heartily and so quickly.  I cannot thank you all enough.


In fact, St. Jude was so impressed by your support on behalf of my climb, that they have convinced me to maintain this fundraising page in honor of everyone who donated and as a reminder to us all that St. Jude’s mission is never finished.


For the past two years, I have spent a portion of my summer volunteering at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  My experience in Memphis has been a tremendous opportunity for which I am truly grateful.  During this time, I have had the privilege to meet so many brave children and families.  I cannot imagine what it is like to be so young and wonder if you will live to see another day - or be a parent and feel so helpless.  It truly puts life into perspective for us all.


For this reason, I dedicated my climb of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the children of St. Jude and help foster the ongoing mission of its doctors and scientists to find cures and saves lives. It was a challenge for me to climb this mountain; however, the children of St. Jude overcome greater obstacles every day. Their strength and determination truly inspired me to achieve my goal. I am humbled by the amount of success that my campaign has accumulated. I am extremely grateful to St. Jude for allowing me to continue my pursuit of raising money to find cures for its patients.


It costs $1.8 million dollars to operate St. Jude every day. One of the things I learned during my time at St. Jude is that the majority of the money the hospital receives comes from small contributions - less than $20 per donor.  Without a doubt, these donations are the lifeblood of the hospital.  St. Jude needs your help to continue doing the amazing work that they do.


If you support my climb, please know that 100% of your donation will go directly to St. Jude Children'sResearchHospital.  That means your donation - no matter how large or small - will save lives. 


As St. Jude founder, Danny Thomas, once said, "No child should die in the dawn of life."  To me, St. Jude is so much more than a hospital.  The doctors, staff & researchers do everything in their power to help the patients feel as comfortable and normal as possible. The atmosphere strives to be upbeat and the children & families are so very grateful for their efforts. 


Please help me to help the children of St. Jude. They fight for their lives each day and deserve to live - just like you and me. They are no different than anyone else. They just have cancer.  Please donate now.


 How your donation helps:

  • Thanks to donors like you, no family ever pays St. Jude for anything (including prescriptions, lodging, food and transportation).
  • St. Jude will continue to improve the treatment of childhood cancer and other terminally-ill diseases through its groundbreaking research.
  • For every child treated at St. Jude, thousands more have been saved worldwide through St. Jude discoveries, as St. Jude shares its research with other hospitals and cancer institutes free of charge.

Thank you for your support!



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