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Sean & his twin Matthew
Sean Witsoe

Jill Witsoe's nephew, Sean Witsoe came to St. Jude in 2008, for treatment of a brain tumor called medulloblastoma. Her brother and sister-in-law, Craig and Katie, had become monthly donors—Partners In Hope years ago, never thinking they might one day need the services of the hospital. But when they needed St. Jude, they found the very reason why they had begun supporting the hospital—a place that provides the best possible care for children and families enduring some of the most difficult times of their lives. The Witsoe family lost Sean, April 3rd 2010, two days after he and his twin brother's fifth birthday.


In 2009 at the Give thanks. Walk, Jill's brother, his wife and their four other children carried Sean most of the way. Now, when we walk in his memory, I think he carries us. We are asking you to help us be Strong Like Sean and continue this battle against childhood cancer. Please consider joining our team, participating at a location near you, or donating if you are able to. Each step of this Walk is a step towards a cure and a promise of hope for children and families faced with this battle today.


I give thanks for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

I give thanks for the fact that a place like St. Jude exists to treat the sickest of the sick kids and give hope to parents around the world.

I give thanks for the researchers working day and night at St. Jude to help find a cure to end childhood cancer.

I give thanks for the healthy kids in my life and this is why I want to give to those who are not.

That's why I am participating in the St. Jude Give thanks. Walk. and why I need your support to help me reach my fundraising goal.

How your donations help:

  • Thanks to donors like you, no family ever pays St. Jude for anything.
  • St. Jude speeds its research discoveries directly from its labs to the bedside of patients and to doctors and scientists everywhere.
  • One child saved at St. Jude means thousands more saved worldwide.


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