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St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer - Pittsburgh, PA

Anna's Army


We are walking for Anna Fera and for all of the children who have fought and are continuing to fight this horrible disease called cancer! On April 25th 2016, after several weeks of intense headaches and vomiting, Anna's mom and dad, Jodi and Michael, would receive devastating news.They took Anna to the Emergency room at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh at the suggestion of her eye doctor. After conducting a CT scan a doctor at Children's Hospital would ask Michael and Jodi to step out in the hallway. As they step out they look back to see a very scared and confused little girl staring at them from her hospital bed. As they walk out of her room their hearts are beating so fast it feels as if they would jump right out of their chests. As the doctor delivers the devastating news that their sweet, innocent, little nine year old girl has a brain tumor their faces show the signs of disbelief as their bodies go numb and their legs go weak and it takes everything to keep them from falling to the floor and weeping right there in that hallway. Anna had surgery on April 27th to remove the tumor. On May 13th they would receive more devastating news that would turn their world, once again, upside down as they learn Anna's tumor was a cancerous Medulloblastoma brain tumor and the surgeon had to leave parts of it attached to her brain. Anna would need radiation and chemotherapy to treat the cancer that was left behind. Her parents would take a crash course to learn all they can about her tumor and to find the best place for her treatment. They decide on St Jude because they feel St Jude would give Anna the the best chance for a cure. With some of the top doctors in the world and a number one ranking as the best Children's Hospital for the treatment of cancer they leave their other three children at home in the loving arms of family and begin their journey on May 20th. After six weeks of radiation, four rounds of intense chemotherapy, and with so many prayers and support coming from family, friends, coworkers, associates, neighbors, churches and their entire community they would bring Anna back home on December 14th. For some unknown reason Cancer decided to start a fight and attack their child, it was a surprise attack that they never saw coming. They took shelter at St Jude where they were witness to so many incredible doctors, nurses and support staff. They made many friends with other parents as they would fight their battles together. They were far from home but they were in the arms of so many wonderful caring people who became their family away from home. God has truly blessed them as He guided them through their storm and continues to guide them on their long road ahead. Cancer, however, knows no bounds as it continues to wreak havoc on so many young innocent lives and has taken the lives of many of Anna's sweet friends. That is why your support is needed so much! It is needed so that St. Jude can continue finding cures so that one day no child will die from this horrible disease. So that one day we will live in a world without the word cancer in it! A day when cancer will take its last breath!

Thank you!!!



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