September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month  
September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month  
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St. Jude patient Chloe and her mom  

Join the fight against childhood cancer.

What is a St. Jude Ambassador?

Cancer kills more kids over the age of 1 than any other disease, and nearly 16,000 children will be diagnosed this year. Still, many are unaware of the tremendous impact this disease has on kids and families. Whether by sharing information on social media, spreading the word to friends and family, or raising funds for St. Jude kids, you can help. At St. Jude, we won’t stop until no child dies of cancer. We know you won’t, either.

How to Participate?

  1. Sign up to be a St. Jude Ambassador.
  2. Customize your St. Jude Ambassador page, and use it to share your story.
  3. Spread the word about childhood cancer, and help St. Jude increase survival rates.
    Fundraising is not required. However, you can raise funds to support cancer research.

Get Started.