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St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend

The Running Stones

"The Running Stones" team was created in honor of our sweet Stone to raise awareness for Hemophilia and the amazing work happening at St. Jude. Many people don't realize that St. Jude doesn't just treat children with cancer but other "catastrophic" illnesses. While we don't view Stone’s Hemophilia as catastrophic, we are so grateful to have the best treatment in the world in our backyard.

We found out our little buddy had severe Hemophilia A when he was just a few days old and still in the NICU. Minutes after hearing the news, a St. Jude doctor, who I am sure had 10,000 things to do, took the time to answer all of the jumbled thoughts in our head. He told us that Stone would be a patient of St. Jude for the next 18 years of his life and that we would do everything possible to give him a "normal" life. After our first visit to St. Jude, we realized that we were no longer alone in our questions, decisions, or fears. We had the best in the world helping us the whole way.

The future is so bright for our baby boy. With all of the research being done at St. Jude, the potential for gene therapy or at least less painful, longer acting shots are on the horizon. When he is about a year old, he will get one shot a week to help raise his factor levels to that of a mild Hemophiliac or higher. Then, at two years of age, he will get a shot three times a week to keep that factor level raised most of the time. This means he can still be the rambunctious boy we know he is destined to be.

All of this to say, treating Hemophilia isn’t cheap and we are so fortunate to know that we will never receive a bill for the treatment he receives at St. Jude. The daily operating cost of St. Jude is $2 million, and approximately 75% of that is funded by our donors. We want to do more than run. We want to help run St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Every member of our team is committed to raising funds as a St. Jude Hero while we train for our race.

Join us as we help run St. Jude.

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