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St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend

Team Alyssa Rocks & Dude Dance

Imagine 2 sisters who are the best of friends who share everything.  Imagine having your world rocked with a cancer diagnosis.  That's what happened with our family, twice.
Alyssa was diagnosed with melanoma in 2012 and had multiple surgeries to help her be a survivor.  She is now NED (no evidence of disease) and a freshman in highschool.  She returns to St. Jude often where she is watched closely for any new areas of concern.  
2013 rolls around and Tyler is diagnosed with ALL(Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) and he began a 3 year protocol for treatment.  He finished treatment in late 2015 and is in remission.  He continues to go to St. Jude for checkups and to deal with side affects from treatment.  
We began our team in 2012 and have continued to grow each year and plan on growing until all children who walk through the doors of St.Jude are survivors.  St. Jude is leading the way in research and wont stop until no child dies in the dawn of life.  We know no other way to give back to a place that has spared no expense in helping our families stay whole and complete.  We know first hand the heart ache of cancer.  We know what its like to lose friends to this awful disease.  We have raised over $250,000 for a place that has given us something that is priceless, our children.  
This year we are adding in a special team.  Someone we met along the way and is one of the kids who Ty is doing the 10K for, his buddy Gage, We met Tiffany and Gage in 2014 and here is their story as told by his mom:
 In March 2014 my 6 year old son Gage was DX with DIPG. We lost him 9 months later, but it was because of St Jude that we had those months to be with him. It became home and the staff became family. Since his passing I have vowed to help this hospital who helped us in our time. With your help I can fuflfill what I promised to my son, to spread his love of helping and do just that in his memory. So with that being said Our team wants to do more than run. We want to help run St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Join us as we run St. Jude! And fight for these kids in memory of our hero GAGE. Thank you and God Bless Gage's mommy Tiffany 
Fight along with us and watch as Tyler and Alyssa attempt to complete their first 10K for all the kids that are just like them.   Fight as we try and kick cancer to the curb! Join us as we run in memory of some brave superheroes.  Thank you!
You can follow their journeys on:
As always,#suckitcancer
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