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St. Jude patient Hayli, age 1, acute myeloid leukemia
St. Jude patient Dawson, age 6, acute lymphoblastic leukemia



Has it been a year already? Looks like this is going to be a yearly tradition. First, a big Thank You to Chris Judah and his wife Lisa. I was kind of on the fence about doing this much distance again when Chris called and said "If your running again this year I have a check for you for St Jude" That was all it took. I'll keep you up to date on how the training is going. I think it will be easier this year training-wise. I'm no longer worried about the it's just time to run. Thanks!


Thanks again to Chris Judah for talking Bruce Leer into jumping onboard. The WHCC Radiothon raised more this year than ever before...hopefully I'll follow suite with the Mini for St to a fast start!


Here we are, the final week of fundraising for the run this year. At the time I'm writing this we are at about half the goal. I could definitely use your help in raising money for St. Jude. With about 600 dollars to go, I'm remided of a quote from danny Thomas, the founder of St Jude Children's Research hospital......“I’d rather have a million people give me a dollar than one give me a million. That way you’ve got a million people involved.”  Any amount is appreciated! Thanks


Tomorrow's the big day. The Mini Marathon in Indianapolis. I'm pretty sure I'm ready...except for the fundraising. Raising money this year has made me think of the Indiana Pacers season....started out really strong, then slowed down in the home stretch...but we're not done yet! (I hope) There's still time to raise the money for St. Jude, but I need your help....and any amount helps. Thanks

Monday morning I'll let you know how everything goes....both from a fundraising standpoint and how the race went. Things are looking better all the time! 


Thank you all again for your support for St Jude! The race went pretty well, not as fast as I wanted, but better than last year! The fundraising however was fantastic. It takes the checks a few weeks to go through the system, but expect the total on the right to go up significantly! All total we raised $1670.00 for St. Jude! I'd like to thank plenty of folks for making donations on the final day of fundraising ...inlcuding Jake Dodds, James and Susie Fulford, Rick and Theresa Burgess, The Josh Burton Memorial Fund, Wilson Security Services, Gary and Mary Jo Hall, Micheal Bartlett, and Russell and Linda Latimer. What a great event. We're definatey going to have to do this again next year!

Thanks again! 


First, let me say that I'm not a great runner. I've competed about a half dozen 5k's (3.1 miles) and that's about it. I never thought I would attempt to run a half marathon because of the distance (13.1 miles) and the time it takes to train for a half. I simply didn't have the motivation.

That's where St Jude comes in...

Susie Tatum, our St. Jude connection at Hoosier Country 105 asked me think about running the Mini in Indy as a St. Jude fundraiser. That was just the motivation I needed.

So let's make a deal...I'll keep you up to date on how the half marathon training is going...and you donate to St Jude! The goal is 1000.00 for you, 13.1 miles for me.

Any amount is appreciated...You'll have the ability to donate anonymously, or to have your name scroll on the page. Unless you choose not to, I'd love to give you a shout-out on the radio too, to say thanks for donating!  

How your donation helps:

  • Thanks to donors like you, no family ever pays St. Jude for anything.
  • St. Jude will continue to improve the treatment of childhood cancer and other deadly diseases through its groundbreaking research.

Thank you for your support!

UPDATE 1/21/13

     I just got back from Memphis and a visit to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! What an inspirational weekend. I traveled with Junior and Jane from the Hoosier Country Sales staff to attend the annual Country Cares weekend. We were able to tour the hospital, meet patients and their parents, meet country artists who are behind the cause of St. Jude, and much more. It's the second largest gathering of country radio people in the US every year. I was also able to sneak in a run through the streets of Memphis...from the hotel down to the Mississippi, along the banks near Mud Island and to the Pyramid and meandering from Front Street to Main Street, and of course up and down Beale a couple of times. Memphis is quite a city, and quite proud of the fact that they are home to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Here's a nice note from the trip...St. Jude has developed protocols that have helped push overall survival rates for childhood cancers from less than 20 percent when the hospital opened in 1962 to 80 percent today! One life saved at St. Jude means thousands are saved around the country because they share what they find with other hospitals around the world. Please donate to this worthy cause. You can donate any amount you like and I'll sing definitely be thanking you on the radio (unless you choose to remain anonymous).

By the way, mileage for this past week was 5 miles in Memphis, and 2 other 3 mile runs prior to leaving. I'll keep racking up the miles...I'm asking you to continue to rack up the donations!


UPDATE 1/29/13

     Well, the weather is cooperating some days, and some days it's not. So some days have been more of a struggle. All in all, an OK week of running, about 14 miles total. I need to be at 19 miles by the first week of March to start my official training far so good. Running as a fundaraiser for St. Jude is very helpful motivation when the weather is bad. Think about it, when you put a thought like "I don't want to go out in the rain or cold" vs. what the kids at St. Jude go through in their fight against cancer...Well, let's just say it's plenty of motivation to get out the door.

     Fundraising is going well too, thanks again for donating! It's fun having a longer list of names to thank on the radio as more people donate. Remember, you can donate any amount you like, big or small, it's all for the kids at St. Jude. If you're uncomfortable with making an online transaction, just drop a check by the radio station made out to "St. Jude". I'll be sure it gets where it needs to go, and we'll still get you on the scrolling list of names on the website too!


UPDATE 2/5/13

Looking forward to better weather this week...very tired of running on the treadmill. Although, I did find it interesting/strange to watch Groundhogs Day while running on it this past Saturday. I might have to make that a regular thing. Ran 12 miles this past week, should have been 15, so a bit bummed about that, but looking forward to this week. Big Thanks to Reed and Sons Construction and Rock Solid Masonry for a making it a big fundraising weekend! Also thanks to Susie Fulford for donating. She donated with a check, so it takes a bit longer for those to post here on the web. If you would like to donate with a check, just make it out to St. Jude and drop it by the radio station, I'll gladly send it on the hospital. Hopefully more miles and some outdoor runs to talk about next time...



UPDATE 2/13/13

Better weather made for some nice runs this past week. I was wrong in the last update, I should be at 14 miles now and that's where I'm at. 3 miles Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and a 5 mile run on Sunday. The goal this week is 16 miles. What a great place we live in to run. I can't say enough good things about the Clear Creek Trail, Rail Trail, and B-Line Trail. Also, the IU campus is great place to run...lot's of traffic to deal with during the week, but early on weekend mornings it's a pretty peaceful place. Thanks again for the donations, they keep me going on the long runs and they are what makes it possible for St. Jude to continue finding cures for childhood deseases.



UPDATE 4/5/13

Sorry, been too long since I've updated this. We're up to 860.00! Getting close to our goal with about a month to go! Running-wise it's been a challenge, but very satisfying. My long runs on the weekends are up to 8 miles now! Never thought I would be able run that far! Still have a ways to go, but it's starting to feel like we're going to make the mileage and the money! You being involved is what makes this possible. There have been many times in the past month when I would have loved to stop running and take a few weeks off, but with so many people involved it keeps me going!  




THANK YOU! Ya'll have done your part, we made it to the $1000.00 for St Jude goal! I guess it's up to me now to do my part and run the Mini this Saturday. Please don't let something like a goal stop you from donating though. Just becuase we made it to 1000, doesn't mean we've met all the needs of the kids at St. Jude. Let's blow the goal away and raise ven more money! Please consider donating...everything helps. I'll keep you updated throughout this week leading up to the mini. I'm picking up my bib number on Thursday and I'll see if I can't find a way to put a link on here so you can follow me though the race....I won't be fast, just hoping for steady!




Well, tomrrow is the big day! Thanks again to everyone who donated! It'll be a week or two before all the checks get processed so I want to thank a couple more folks that aren't on the web site yet but will be soon....Dave and Margaret Cobb, AMVETS Post 2000, Tony Langley, and Greta Osbourne. If you would like to check in tomorrow during the race to see how I'm doing, go to Thanks again for making this a great experience, and thanks from the kids at St. Jude! 




Made it! Not as fast I was hoping, but covered the 13.1 miles nevertheless. Quite an experience. The crowd is incredible. In most 5k's that I've been in, even large events, you usually get to a point where the crowd thins out. That never happened for me yesterday, even at that distance. The event itself is fun, with bands, dancers, and cheerleaders all along the route. This is something I'l definately have to do again. Maybe next year we can take a whole Hoosier Country St. Jude team to Indy....raise even more money, and have a great time. Let me know if you're interested After resting my sore knees for a week, I'll be ready to get back to running again. Thank you all for making this possible, and thanks again from the kids at St. Jude!


Thank you! 

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