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What is St. Jude Play Live?

St. Jude PLAY LIVE is where you use your game skills to help St. Jude kids reach the next level. Pick up your controller. Grab your mouse and keyboard. It’s time to fight pediatric cancer and other deadly diseases.

First thing you need to do? Sign up. Want to play solo? Awesome. Want to rally your friends and form the greatest and best fundraising team ever? Fantastic. Once registered, you can set-up your participant center and get ready for the official start of the St. Jude PLAY LIVE season Friday, June 13.

Gaming is better when shared with friends; that’s why St. Jude is excited to partner with the premiere streaming site for games By streaming your St. Jude PLAY LIVE session on, your family, friends and fans cheer you on as you raise funds for the kids of St. Jude.

Do you prefer to keep your gaming offline? Not a problem. Break out that old classic console and go old school. You don’t need the latest, greatest console or game rig to participate in St. Jude PLAY LIVE, just the desire to play games and fundraise to fight pediatric cancer.

Need more information? Have a question? Check out our handy FAQ buffet located right here.

Play games. Fight pediatric cancer. It’s all in your hands. Sign up now.

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About St. Jude

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Everything we do is centered on finding cures and saving children.

And families never receive a bill from St. Jude. We pay for treatment, travel, housing and food because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

By sharing our knowledge freely and exchanging ideas openly, we’re inspiring more collaboration between doctors and researchers worldwide, and as a result, more lifesaving treatments for children everywhere.

At St. Jude, we won’t give up. We do everything possible to end childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

St. Jude PLAY LIVE is powered by

We’re proud to be partnered with GameStop, the number one gaming destination that delivers power to the players. By participating in St. Jude PLAY LIVE, you are eligible to win a variety of amazing GameStop prizes. From gift cards to keep your game library stocked with the latest PC and console titles, to an exclusive trip to the GameStop 2014 Expo. Game on!

Find out more on our Prize page.

A Summer of Challenges

Twelve weeks is a long time to play just one or two games. That’s why we’re building out a whole summer’s worth of incredible challenges for gamers of all kinds. PC or console, AAA or Indie, brand new or classic, competitive or casual - we’ve got you covered. We'll post full details for each event the Monday before they begin, so check back each week.

Weekend 1 - June 13
Open Kickoff Spectacular
Weekend 2 - June 20
League of Legends Service Hour Rush
Weekend 3 - June 27
Sports Cup for the Kids
Weekend 4 - July 4
The Indie Games Explosion
Weekend 5 - July 10
Zeldathon/Old School Weekend
Weekend 6 - July 18
Weekend 7 - July 25
Blizzard in the Summer - Hearthstone
Weekend 8 - August 1
Blizzard in the Summer - Starcraft
Weekend 9 - August 8
Blizzard in the Summer - World of Warcraft
Weekend 10 - August 15
Next-Gen Drag Race
Weekend 11 - August 22
Minecraft Buildathon
Weekend 12 - August 29
Open Last Weekend

The Quarter Million
Dollar Challenge

This is it. The item you want. The ultra-rare Twitch/St. Jude PLAY LIVE hoodie. Limited to just 250, these purple hoodies are for the hardcore PLAY LIVE gamers. The true fundraising champions.

How do you earn one? Join St. Jude PLAY LIVE and be one of the first 250 players to raise $1,000 for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Earn your place amongst the best of the best. Win the coveted Twitch/St. Jude PLAY LIVE hoodie. Help save kids fighting cancer and other deadly diseases.

Play Games.
Raise Money.
Get Service Hours.

If you’re a student, you know all about community service hours. They’re required for everything from scholarships and grants to graduation requirements. Whether you’re in high school or college - you need them. Lots of them. And now you can earn them by playing your favorite video games.

The St. Jude PLAY LIVE video game marathon program lets gamers use their skills to fundraise for the kids of
St. Jude. Team up with your friends, get on the couch and play your favorite games. Not only will you earn valuable community service hours, you’ll be helping those who need it the most - St. Jude kids battling cancer and other deadly diseases.

Once signed up, you can earn 10 service hours for every $100 raised. The more money you raise, the more service hours you can earn and the more kids you help. Play your favorite game, stream it live for the world to see and raise funds. It’s that easy. Sign up now and get in the game.

Because every kid deserves a chance to make it to the next level.

How Do I Play?

  • Sign up

    Register as a
    St. Jude PLAY LIVE participant
    and set up your page

  • Let people know

    Tell your friends and family when you’ll be streaming so they can donate

  • Stream your favorite games

    Use to stream your favorite games to the world

  • Fundraise and earn rewards

    Raise money for the kids of
    St. Jude while earning awesome rewards

Get on the Couch.
Get in the Game.

This is it. Your chance to play for something more than bragging rights.

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